STR Rush..

So you thought I killed my blog?

Great, I became the director for the Ramayana. I hate my classmates for mentioning my name (when our teacher asked who would be the director), especially the first people who did. I seriously do.. DX

So there was this quiz in our elective which would determine who would get free slots for the Australian Math Competition (AMC). Initially I thought I couldn’t do it, but soon enough I realized I could solve most of the problems. After checking our papers though, I learned I only obtained 50% of the total score. HAHAHA. So much for confidence… At least, I knew I was only three points behind Raymond’s score. XD

And, I lit the Bunsen burner for the chemistry practical test earlier. It was fun…

Wala lang. Just letting people know that I’m still here 😀


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School ranting!

Darn. So the thing about getting sick of your breaks was so true… I initially took it as an exaggeration since I thought it wasn’t that uneventful.

Alright, this is the part when I revert back into my “school-ranting” mode; I don’t think I’ll be able to think of a considerably unique topic to write about.

Our class didn’t get most of the teachers I wanted to have, but it’s a pretty okay set of teachers. Few of them were new teachers though, and I have yet to learn more about them before I can decide whether I’ll enjoy their classes or not. So far, I don’t see anything wrong with our classes yet. Everything’s going fine and well, probably except for that Chemistry quiz that I’m guessing I would flunk at. Ironically, I read the Chemistry book the night before the quiz. And the English teacher looks experienced but possesses an almost inaudible voice. Now, I’m wondering how I’ll be able to understand our English lessons…

Regarding electives, I signed up for Physics, Robotics and Math 7, all of which I had minimal chance of being accepted; for the Physics elective, they still have to look at our other options before they decide on accepting applicants, while in Robotics, I was doubtful that I’d make it anyway with such little experience in techie stuff. Math 7 was the elective I least expected to get accepted in since there were “contest-material” batchmates who were math gods/goddesses.. So I was shocked to see my name in the list of accepted applicants for Math 7. Great, I’ll be having Sir Nat as my teacher for two subjects. XD

K, I’ll be posting again some time. Because I’m off to nerdy mode. XD

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The World is One.. :o

School is about to start, and I don’t know if I should feel happy about it or not. Summer break wasn’t anything special except for the fact that we went on a vacation to HongKong. -_- Oh, and uhhh, I’m not going to start to express how excited I am for the school year because everyone else seems to be posting about it. Go away if you were anticipating that. *huff*

All of my siblings have Multiply accounts. One night they even tried to convince me to get an account for myself too. I think Multiply is just so overrated. *gets hit by Multiply users*

Vanity is overrated as well. *gets hit by vain people* Okay, I may take pictures of myself from time to time, but I’m not vain vain. My siblings are always like,

“Hey! Let’s take a picture of ourselves!!” “Okay!!”
“Take a picture of me!”
“Let’s pretend we’re surprised!”

…So. Overdone.


Breaking News:
Avril Lavigne unites the whole world!….


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So far the only people I know know there would be Patleg, Felize and Manzo.

Go look for you classmates here. And contribute to the list if you can 😀

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Okay, my performance in my recital yesterday really sucked. I might as well have received the “Most Mistakes Award.” But I got over the recital last night.

The moment I found out I was performing third to the last, I knew something was gonna go wrong. They usually place more advanced players in the last slots. The girl who performed before me was good; her piece was a slightly easier than mine. The guy next to me was really good and played a super difficult piece. He was familiar because he was also next to me last semester. The last guy, however, was like three to five years younger than the girl, me, or even the guy after me. And he OWNS all of us. Seriously.

Anyway it was really funny because there were a lot of kids who were playing. The teacher was telling them, “Rub your hands if they feel cold. Diba, Science? Friction?” and they all rubbed their hands even while someone was already playing. The kids kept on standing too and their teacher was glaring at them with a very stern look. I was informed by my own teacher that one of those kids had AAD.

I concluded that the most popular piece was…


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All I Wanna Do is Grow Old With You. (minor edit)

I attended SEP a while ago and my mind couldn’t take all of the identities our teacher was cramming into it. On the bright side, I think I like trigonometry proving a lot better than geometry proving. I guess there was a little pinch of algebra in it that made it more practical, obvious (well not totally), and straightforward (solution-wise). Okay, so maybe, just maybe, I’m gonna like Trigonometry. But let’s see.

The ballots are being counted right now, and as far as I know around 60% of the total number of precincts have submitted their results to the COMELEC. This is the first election I’ve meticulously observed even though I’m only turning sixteen. Maybe because of the “I’m sorry” speech President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo made. 2004’s elections would probably be one of the most controversial elections in Philippine history (another one would be Marcos versus Aquino) and the fact that it is opened my eyes to reality. Surprisingly, people seemed to have not voted for celebrities this time (boohoo for you.) That’s a start.

Just so you know, I’m qualified to vote for the 2010 Elections. (Am I that old?) And I think that 2010 Elections carries more weight than the 2007 Elections since people will be running for presidency during that season. So I have to develop a sense of ‘nationalism’ these days as this may be the last opportunity I can have before I finally get hold of a ballot. Woo! Do I sound mature enough?


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This kid is freaky.

I forgot to blog about this bloggable moment I swore to myself that I would write.

I was with my mom and two of my female siblings when we went to Trinoma; it was pretty nice except that most restaurants were mosquito-infested or fly-infested. We ate Tokyo Tokyo and there was a whole generation of mosquitoes and flies, I cannot express how irritated we were. A little later we ate “dessert” (I ate carbonara, actually) at Red Ribbon, and there were flies as well. At least, less mosquitoes. I think they should definitely fumigate the whole place…


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